RENEB Final Meeting in Lisbon, December 2nd–4th, 2015

The final RENEB meeting took place in Lisbon at the Executive Art’s Hotel. Portuguese partners of RENEB organised this meeting. The RENEB consortium thanks Octávia Monteiro Gil and Pedro Vaz for the excellent organisation. The meeting gathered not only Consortium and Advisory Board members, but also representatives from RENEB candidate laboratories. Some of these candidate laboratories participated already in last two RENEB exercises.

The first day of the meeting was devoted to the operational basis of the network, and its developments, with special focus on the results of the intercomparisons and conclusions from the recent RENEB accident simulation exercise.

The theme of the second day was education and training for partner laboratories and candidate members. Additionally F. Trompier of IRSN presented the lecture” Focus: Calibration curve”, which was identified as a critical point for intercomparisons. Furthermore, an external expert of the University of Cambridge (UCAM) gave a tutorial about the use of the STORE database for RENEB purposes.

On the last day, the consortium discussed steps towards a more binding legal structure of RENEB. Up to now 25 RENEB partners and Candidate partners from 16 EU member states have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a legal structure for the network. Additionally, more binding legal structures have been presented and discussed by the partners. Other important topics for the sustainability of RENEB are the identification of future funding options, strengthening of links to national and international emergency response organisations and also to research institutions. Important will be the maintenance of the network identity and further cooperation between the members in the future. In this regard, PHE offered to organise a RENEB session and a “closed” RENEB meeting during the Radiation Protection week in Oxford, 19.-23. September 2016, a highly welcome proposal. A strong signal will also be set by the joint publishing of RENEB activities as a special issue in the International Journal of Radiation Biology in 2016. RENEB, originally the name of the EU project was decided to be maintained as name of the established network as well, however with a slightly changed long version: “Running the European Network of biological dosimetry and physical retrospective dosimetry”.
The General Assembly concluded that RENEB the main goals have been successfully achieved. In the end of the meeting, David Lloyd as the representative of Advisory Board (AB) of RENEB presented the AB report (see report of the Advisory Board).